Why ReMind Solutions?

Adults in your organization need to learn more quickly and deeply, and expectations of instructors, talent leaders, facilitators, and executives continue to accelerate. Our work with thought leaders and practitioners—in groups and with individuals—is based on four key insights:

  1. How the brain really learns.
  2. How adult learning is unique.
  3. How to effectively engage adult learners in various settings.
  4. How to promote learning that drives desired change.

Our innovative methods, based on forward-looking ideas and evidence-backed practices, help you sustain a learning culture that expects and respects change.

“Helping to unify and energize the team.” –A.B. Training Coordinator, Communications Industry

The Team

ReMind.Solutions is led by Catherine Marienau, Professor Emerita, DePaul University, and Kathleen Taylor, professor in the Doctorate in Educational Leadership Program at Saint Mary’s College. They are internationally recognized authors, consultants, and researchers on adult learning and development.

We use the most recent findings from brain science to help educators, learning professionals, changemakers, and executives lead more effectively, and deliver strong results.

Our services are based on solid evidence, and are customized to your unique situation and needs.

Kathleen Taylor and Catherine Marienau

Our Approach

By understanding how the adult brain actually works, anyone can learn—and facilitate others’ learning—more effectively.

ReMind Kathleen & Catherine

The modern world places new demands on everyone’s capacity to learn and adapt: in academic, non-profit, and for-profit organizations, alike.

Our approach at ReMind.Solutions is:

  • Transformational
  • Individualized to your needs and situation
  • Practical and based on solid theory
  • Research-based, evidence-backed

What Experts Say

“You think with your body, not just your brain.”

Daniel Kahneman , Thinking Fast and Slow

“Movement is fundamental to the very existence of the brain.”

John Ratey, A User’s Guide to the Brain

“We feel, therefore we learn.”

Antonio Damasio and Mary Helen Immordino-Yang , Journal of Brain, Mind, and Education

“Emotions are . . . fundamental to thought.”

David Gelertner, The Muse in the Machine

“The mind is inherently embodied; thought is mostly unconscious. Abstract concepts are largely metaphorical.”

George Lakoff and Mark Johnson, Metaphors We Live By


ReMind.Solutions works with individuals and teams; with thought leaders and practitioners.We offer customized keynotes, workshops, seminars, institutes, and consultations virtually and in person. We tailor our unique brain-based approaches to fit your specific needs and context.

We use current affective and cognitive neuroscience to help educators, talent leaders, changemakers, and executives learn and lead more effectively.

ReMind.Solutions offers new ways to think about teaching, learning, and practice. We can help you drive uptake, effectiveness, and group cohesion.


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