Like you, we’re committed to a culture of adult learning. The strategies we provide—based on applying current brain science to adult learning and development—help you engage complex challenges and create effective strategies for learning and leading in a rapidly changing world.

With decades of experience as educators, authors, presenters, designers, and consultants, we’re especially skillful at translating brain research into practical applications. Our customized offerings, virtually or in person, support you in addressing meaningful questions and resolve them in your own context.


A former Fulbright Scholar (Athens, Greece) and current Fulbright Specialist, Dr. Taylor teaches, writes, and consults internationally in the areas of positive adult development and learning, learning and transformation, prior learning assessment, and “brain-aware” facilitation of adult learning. Developing Adult Learners, her award-winning book coauthored with Catherine Marienau, describes best practices in teaching adults. She is professor in the Doctorate of Educational Leadership pro­gram in the Kalmanovitz School of Education, Saint Mary’s College of California.


Catherine Marienau is Professor Emerita, DePaul University, where she served on the full-time faculty in the School for New Learning for over three decades. Dr. Marienau teaches, writes and consults in the areas of adult learning and development, “brain-aware” facilitation of adult learning, competency-based learning, assessing prior learning, reflective practice, and women and aging.

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