As an educator, talent leader, changemaker, or executive, you may find it challenging to keep up with constant change and stay ahead of the learning curve. We are passionately committed to supporting you, and to supporting human flourishing. As thought leaders we help people apply current understandings of the brain to adult learning and development. We translate the most recent findings from brain science to help you lead more effectively, and deliver strong results. Our services are based on solid evidence, and are customized to your unique situation and needs.

“Profound guidance for developmental learning, with helpful insights into human thinking and behavior. Taylor and Marienau’s model of the ‘curious mind’ and the ‘anxious mind’ helped me (and my students) respond to challenges and reflect on their performance — skills vital for modern policing.”

–R.N., Law Enforcement Instructional Designer

“You don’t always have to plan for creativity and innovation. ┬áIf you create an environment that allows it to happen, it will happen”

K.W. Learning and Development Manager, Private Foundation


World Bank